Where Blue Collar Workers Learn How to Build Wealth in Real Estate...
The Blue Collar Entrepreneur exists so you’ll learn...
How to build your wealth in Real Estate WITHOUT  buying a single property. 
This is the new (and more profitable) way to earn predictable, monthly income in real estate.
Here you'll see the behind-the-scenes of what *really* happens in Real Estate investing, buying, and wholesaling...

You'll also learn how to seal profitable deals, how to spot undervalued properties, understand market cycles, and so much more.

Before I forget, let me introduce myself. 
My name is Leo Piero. I'm a serial entrepreneur, real estate wholesaler, and blue collar entrepreneur.
I started my entrepreneurial journey at 17 years old. Back then, I was selling my used toys on eBay. No one knew about this. So I had zero competition.
After selling a few more toys, I started selling car parts. I eventually started flipping cars.
And then in 2007, I sold almost everything I owned to join the $217-trillion Real Estate Industry with buy and hold properties.
After 10 year, I've earned over a million dollars in revenue between rental income and wholesale deals.
I now own many businesses across different industries, hired Russell Brunson’s dad (yep, he’s my accountant/planner), and took better care of my family. In fact, my wife was able to quit her fifteen year tenure teaching job so we can both take care of our kids at home...

...and it's all thanks to Real Estate Investing
Now, I want to help you do the same. 
I created the Blue Collar Entrepreneur so I can share my knowledge, experience, and tactics to ANYONE who wants to make money in Real Estate. 
So whether you’re earning minimum wage or you’re already making 6-figures a year, I'd like to help you make more.
If you'd like to know a little more, then grab my Real Estate Secrets ebook. 
It's 100% free.
Inside, it will give you a quick overview on how ANYONE can start earning money in Real Estate in 30 days or less.
The best part? You don't need prior experience or realtor's license to make this work. You don't even need money to start.
If you have any questions or want to reach out, please send me a message.
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