How I Started My Real Estate Wholesaling Business 
I’m a blue-collar employee turned into a blue-collar millionaire. I own several rental units, seven E-Commerce stores and of course, I’m a real estate wholesaler. At first, I want to keep what my team and I know behind closed doors but then, I changed my mind. Keep reading and you’ll find out why.
As an engineer, I like to break down and reconnect parts, ideas, and systems. I started out by buying totaled cars and selling parts on the internet way back in 1998. As a 21-year old, I wanted to make extra money without leaving my full-time job. And getting a second part-time job was out of the question because as you know, my job’s already physically demanding.
Fast forward 2007, my wife and I got married. We struggled after buying our first house. To make things worse, I felt terrible because there were times when I was exhausted from work and yet barely got an extra dime to pay off our debts. I felt horrible because I was supposed to be the man in the relationship, but my wife was working two jobs and we barely see each other 6 days a week! I was working to death and yet I'm a failure as a husband.

There was one time when she got sick for a week and we barely got any food in the fridge. Bad times and equally good times man! I can still feel it like it was yesterday.

That moment made me think about how my college degree and my stable government job would barely get us through life. Doing what we were doing, we'll always be broke and beaten up…despite giving all our time and energy to our jobs.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...
I met my father's friend (he’s a lawyer) who happened to be a "rich-league" insider. I pestered him for weeks so he can tell me more about how to make big money. 

Through him, I learned that most of his millionaire clients started out earning big bucks by doing real estate. And that they do it without buying a single property!

It opened my eyes but it wasn’t easy. How I wished I can tell you that I struck gold, but that’s not the case. There wasn’t a single course about wholesaling back then. I sold my other car and used that money to self-study and start wholesaling. So for months and months, I read books, drive around and talked to hundreds of people - real estate agents, landlords, professional investors.

Took me months to understand the market and a full year before I closed my first deal. And took me close to giving up - before I finally learned how to play the big game.

After a year of embarrassing trial and errors (and having to explain what the heck I’m doing to my clueless friends and family), I eventually created a system that helped me to spot hidden gems, that one property out of every thousand houses that most people miss out.

Because of what I saw and heard behind closed doors, I can now see those unpolished diamonds from a mile away… and I can find it faster than most real estate investors and agents.

Most wholesalers and agents knock on hundreds of doors to find that one big deal. What matters to me is finding out that one right door to knock on…and that’s the ONE thing that most people got no idea how to do… the single thing that will make or break you in this business.

I reverse-engineered what real estate millionaires do to build my own fool-proof system.

After I did that, I started to find more and more properties that smelled like big money… all hidden in plain sight. I spotted them and put them on my map whenever I search the internet or drive around the city.

Suddenly, I was no longer spending my whole day combing through confusing information. I can now find what I want at less time and close deals without getting doors shut on my face. (When I first started I got a lot of doors shut on my face, but that’s for another story. 

Out of a hundred ordinary houses, there will always be one property that can give me a return of $5K, $10K and even $20K. Then about 5 years ago, I started training my first salesperson to talk to prospects and close deals. But we didn’t stop there. We then trained my assistants to automate my customer service and follow up system.

After that, we created a reliable process that my people can follow. Using this, they can find leads, make connections and close deals with least supervision from my end.

Most real estate gurus will tell you that you need to take their course so you can begin earning money. What I found that works faster is to find a mentor who cares a lot about you as a person. You need someone who can teach you how to make the most use of your time and effort. Do this now instead of trying it on your own for years and losing money in the process.

As of 2019, with our system, my team and I now close deals as fast as a few days. But there will always be deals that can take us one, two or even three months to close. Why so? Well, you can still expect resistance from some homeowners. One time a nuisance tenant even called the police on us! We got the house keys but he got the guts!

Remember, only a few homeowners would readily sell their house at a discount. You can’t sway them or force them with your mumbo-jumbo negotiation tactics. Unlike what most gurus will tell you, that’s actually not a good way to do business. You've got to find these people at the exact time when they're most pumped to sell. And if you insist on doing this business like an amateur (like what 90% of real estate people do), they'll simply shut the door and not call you back!

That's the reason why my team and I built a system to filter out the hidden "gems" out of every gravel bag. We ended up getting so frustrated that we decided to create a system that can duplicate our efforts in less time.

It took me and my team 10 years of trial and error, sleepless nights, working weekends and talking to hundreds of investors and thousands of homeowners before we get it right.

Now with this system, I had coached people who have no idea about real estate. You’ll learn the strategy, the script, and the system… so you’ll get your own check payment in 30 days or less.

As they say, an average person's afraid to make mistakes - that's why they're broke. But the fact that you’re now reading this means you’re not average.

I've done my fair share of failures so you don’t need to make the same blunders. I’ve coached dozens of people in-person these past years. Making an online course was not on my plans initially because I would rather work on my real estate business. But my mentees said that it’s worth a try - because it works. This is also my own way of finding people that I can trust, people I can potentially tap to work with me in the near future.

That said, I’m thinking about limiting access to the Real Estate Wholesaling Secrets Program to only a few students this year. As an inner circle member, my team and I will be coaching you (and your people) from the ground up. I’ll be personally overseeing your progress, that’s the reason why I can only accommodate a few students at a time.

This program will work for you as long as you commit to doing the step by step tasks.

This program has already helped people earn good side-income consistently over the years. And they have done it even though they got zero experience in real estate.

That said I’ll be closing the door and bolting the locks this year once I get enough people inside.

If you know someone who needs this, make sure they see this ASAP.

Message me for interest, I’ll be posting a few more statuses about this over the next few days.

Leo Piero, Founder of The Blue Collar Entrepreneur

Leo Piero is a Blue-Collar Worker turned Blue Collar Millionaire. For over a decade, he's made money in Real Estate via Wholesaling. He survived the '08 housing market crash, made millions in Real Estate, and now he’s looking forward to help you do the same. 
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