Here’s Why I Don’t Invest in the Stock Market
There are two types of people who invest in the stock market - the capitalist and the middle class. One’s rich and the other group was basically clueless.
80% of investors, including your financial planner and your mother will tell you to invest in stocks. And while it’s true that you can somewhat earn a “passive income” out of dividends, notes, and bonds – I will never park my hard-earned cash anywhere near the stocks.

I got my first fortune not from investing in other’s people business and not from hedge fund speculations. I earned it by doing the real thing. And if I’ll advise my young son about investments a decade from now, it’ll still be real estate.
Why Real Estate and Why Now?
Your banker will say that when it comes to growth, equities outdo real estate nowadays. Yes, he’s right. Even Warren Buffett agrees. But if you’ll zoom out to see the bigger picture, real estate has the best bang for the buck out of all the investment options this past hundred years. History never lies.

I’m a blue-collar worker. Real estate turned me into a blue-collar millionaire. Investing in real estate helped me to have more options and my wife to have complete freedom. My properties helped me to sleep better. All hell may break loose tomorrow at Wall Street - I have keys on my hands. Unlike stocks, my properties aren’t bubbles. They can poke my houses all they want; it won’t burst or pop. My tenants will always need a roof over their heads – more so during times of chaos.

Here in the US, entrepreneurs and landlords have five times more wealth than an average person. Having a business will shoot you high up on the wealth charts, but it’s real estate that will insulate you from the falls. That’s the reason why millionaires either own their businesses or have lots of properties. It’s not surprising that most billionaires own both.

That said, I’m not against owning stocks. It’s the most accessible way to build a passive income if you’re middle class. The stock market’s the middle game of wealth – you are safe (for now) and yet stuck. There’s also a big reason why the typical American won’t touch real estate. That’s because aside from taking a ton of time to get started, real estate investments are the slowest and hardest road to wealth.
Lots of fads come and go. Dozens of coins can rise today and die tomorrow. And yet, it’s the tree which sprouts slowly and steadily that will grow the tallest.
If you think you can earn a fortune without lifting a finger, then you are mistaken. Everyone’s chasing easy money to give them the quickest high. And yes, failure’s always good. But why fall on the same booby trap as 80% of people when you can instead learn from others’ mistakes?

P.S.: On a side note, investing is good if you are as studious as Warren Buffett. But if you can’t top the old man when it comes to time and effort, then you’re bust. Better stick with real estate investing.

And because I would like to be as transparent as I can, let me tell you also that I still keep some index funds. I got them as a young man. I’m not expanding them and yet I’m also not selling these funds anytime soon. Why? That will be for another story.

Leo Piero, Founder of The Blue Collar Entrepreneur

Leo Piero is a Blue-Collar Worker turned Blue Collar Millionaire. For over a decade, he's made money in Real Estate via Wholesaling. He survived the '08 housing market crash, made millions in Real Estate, and now he’s looking forward to help you do the same. 
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