How I Started My Real Estate Wholesaling Business
I’m a blue-collar employee turned into a blue-collar millionaire. I own several rental units, seven E-Commerce stores and of course, I’m a real estate wholesaler. At first, I want to keep what my team and I know behind closed doors but then, I changed my mind. Keep reading and you’ll find out why.
As an engineer, I like to break down and reconnect parts, ideas, and systems. I started out by buying totaled cars and selling parts on the internet way back in 1998. As a 21-year old, I wanted to make extra money without leaving my full-time job. And getting a second part-time job was out of the question because as you know, my job’s already physically demanding.

Fast forward 2007, my wife and I got married. We struggled after buying our first house.
Here’s Why I Don’t Invest in the Stock Market
There are two types of people who invest in the stock market - the capitalist and the middle class. One’s rich and the other group was basically clueless.

80% of investors, including your financial planner and your mother will tell you to invest in stocks. And while it’s true that you can somewhat earn a “passive income” out of dividends, notes, and bonds – I will never park my hard-earned cash anywhere near the stocks.

I got my first fortune not from investing in other’s people business and not from hedge fund speculations. I earned it by doing the real thing. And if I’ll advise my young son about investments a decade from now, it’ll still be real estate.
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